Jolly Icons

Jolly Icons is a set of 400 hand-drawn icons painted with love to add personality and joy to your project. All icons are available in many formats and scalable. Must have for every designer, who wants to create a hand-drawn website, application, presentation or print media!
What's inside
Jolly Icons – 400 Hand-Drawn Vector Icons

Full list
Business and office icons
Jolly Icons is a set of 400 hand-drawn icons available in AI, EPS, PSD, PDF, and PNG formats and in 4 sizes: 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128.
Topics covered: web, interfaces, technology, communication, e-commerce, food, leisure, etc.
What's included
– Vector master files with all the icons (AI, EPS, PDF, PSD)
– 400 PNG files 32×32 px (raster)
– 400 PNG files 48×48 px (raster)
– 400 PNG files 64×64 px (raster)
– 400 PNG files 128×128 px (raster)

– Preview file (JPG)

– Icon list (TXT)

– Readme file
– License
List of icons
Row 1
phone icon, mobile (cellphone) icon, tablet icon, screen icon, TV icon, mouse icon, keyboard icon, print icon, compass icon, direction icon, hair-cross (crosshair) icon, location icon, map icon, directions icon, pin icon, address icon, flashlight icon, navigation icon, shield (security) icon, infinity icon

Row 2
mail icon, paper-plane icon, at-sign icon, outgoing icon, incoming icon, inbox icon, outgoing 2 icon,
incoming 2 icon, paper-box icon, pencil icon, pen icon, feather icon, “create new” icon, attach icon, export icon, reply icon, “reply to all” icon, forward icon, upload icon, download icon

Row 3
brush icon, eyedropper icon, magic wand icon, vector icon, palette icon, scissors icon, ruler icon, bucket icon, settings icon,
tools icon, screwdriver icon, wrench icon, gears icon, preferences icon, vertical slider icon, sliders icon, thermometer 1 icon, tenperature icon, drops icon, water icon

Row 4
fire icon, bell icon, link icon, flag icon, love icon, share 2 icon, share 3 icon, heart icon, empty heart icon, star icon, empty start icon, thumbs-up (like) icon, thumbs-down (unlike) icon, award 2 (award cup) icon, award 2 (award star) icon, terminal icon, code tag 1 icon, code tag closed 2 icon, bug icon, leaf icon

Row 5
home (house) icon, globe icon, quote icon, magnet icon, lifebuoy icon, eye icon, traffic-cone icon, save icon, key icon, lock icon, opened lock icon, promote icon, factory icon, anchor icon, light bulb icon, bomb icon, flash icon, lightning icon, socket icon, filter (funnel) icon

Row 6
tag icon, question mark icon, help icon, notice icon, warning icon, info icon, information circled icon, trash icon, search icon, zoom-in icon, zoom-out icon, gauge icon, speed icon, hourglass icon, clock icon, stopwatch (alarm) icon, moon (night) icon, light-up (daytime) icon, light-down icon, light adjust icon

Row 7
battery full icon, battery charge icon, battery low icon, empty battery icon, sound 1 icon, sound 2 icon, sound 3 icon, sound 4 icon, sound 5 icon, microphone icon, note 1 icon, note 2 icon, voicemail icon, headphones icon, joystick icon, video icon, film icon, video-camera icon, webcam icon, camera icon

Row 8
image 1 icon, image 2 icon, podcast icon, signal icon, router icon, rss icon, wi-fi icon, cloud 1 icon, cloud 2 icon, cloud 3 icon, cloud 4 icon, cloud 5 icon, database icon, drive 1 icon, drive 2 icon, cup icon, browser 1 icon, browser 2 icon, chart 1 icon, chart 2 icon, chart 3 icon

Row 9
chart 4 icon, chart 5 icon, chart 6 icon, chart 7 icon, chart 8 icon, pulse icon, strategy icon, layout 1 icon, layout 2 icon, layout 3 icon, layout 4 icon, layout 5 icon, layout 6 icon, layout 7 icon, layout 8 icon, layout 9 icon, popup icon, resize-small 1 icon, resize-full1 icon

Row 10
resize-small 2 icon, resize-full 2 icon, logout icon, login icon, shuffle icon, back icon, level-down icon, retweet icon, loop icon, level-up icon, switch icon, cycle icon, cw icon, ccw icon, back-in-time icon, exchange icon, arrow1-left icon, arrow1-right icon, arrow1-down icon, arrow1-up icon

Row 11
arrow2-left icon, arrow2-right icon, arrow2-down icon, arrow2-up icon, eject icon, play icon, pause icon, record icon, stop icon, ff icon, fb icon, to-start icon, to-end icon, volume icon, on-off icon, check icon, cross icon, squared-minus icon, squared-plus icon, squared-cross icon

Row 12
circled-minus icon, circled-plus icon, circled-cross icon, minus icon, plus icon, erase icon, block icon, flow-cascade icon, flow-branch icon, flow-tree icon, flow-line icon, flow-parallel icon, arrow3-left icon, arrow3-right icon, arrow3-down icon, arrow3-up icon, arrow4-left icon, arrow4-right icon, arrow4-down icon, arrow4-up icon

Row 13
circled-minus icon, arrow-combo icon, bubble1 icon, bubble2 icon, smile-happy icon, smile-sad icon, profile icon, userpic icon, user 1 icon, user 2 icon, user 3 icon, user 4 icon, user 5 icon, user 6 icon, user 7 icon, user 8 icon, female icon, male icon, head-question icon, head-idea icon, head-exclamation icon

Row 14
contact-book 1 icon, contact-book 2 icon, contact-book 3 icon, briefcase icon, checklist 1 icon, checklist 2 icon, calendar icon, archive icon, folder 1 icon, folder 2 icon, folder 3 icon, folder 4 icon, folder 5 icon, book 1 icon, book 2 icon, bookmark 1 icon, bookmark 2 icon, fonts icon, pilcrow icon, file 1 icon

Row 15
file 2 icon, file 3 icon, file 4 icon, file 5 icon, file 6 icon, file 7 icon, file 8 icon, file 9 icon, file-doc icon, file-xls icon, file-zip icon, file-pdf icon, file-psd icon, file-ai icon, file-eps icon, file-html icon, file-css icon, file-js icon, file-php icon

Row 16
file-jpg icon, file-png icon, file-gif icon, credit-card icon, money 1 icon, money 2 icon, money 3 icon, money 4 icon, dollar-sign icon, pound-sign icon, yen-sign icon, euro-sign icon, calculator icon, abacus icon, shopping-cart icon, barcode icon, shopping bag icon, giftbox icon, delivery icon, open-sign icon

Row 17
new-badge icon, free-badge icon, sale-badge icon, sale-tag icon, plane icon, luggage icon, weather-sun icon, weather-wind icon, weather-rain icon, weather-snow icon, weather-cloud icon, umbrella icon, coffee 1 icon, coffee 2 icon, coffee 3 icon, chicken 1 icon, chicken 2 icon, spoon-fork icon, wineglass icon, soda icon

Row 18
apple icon, muffin icon, hotdog icon, beer icon, icecream icon, scales icon, bow-arrow icon, crown icon, lab-bottle icon, atom icon, radiation icon, graduation-cap icon, DNA icon, syringe icon, microscope icon, dumbbell icon, competition icon, football 1 icon, football 2 icon, bicycle icon

Row 19
ticket icon, trumpet icon, boombox icon, yinyang icon, love-symbol icon, horseshoe icon, ribbon icon, flower icon, tree 1 icon, tree 2 icon, tree 3 icon, balloon icon, rocket icon, sheriff-star icon, pipe icon, sneaker icon, diamond icon, glasses-mustache icon, scull icon, alien icon

Row 20
face1 icon, face2 icon, face3 icon, robot icon, facebook icon, google-plus icon, twitter icon, foursquare icon, instagram icon, pinterest icon, delicious icon, dribbble icon, behance icon, git icon, linkedin icon, vimeo icon, skype icon, windows icon, apple icon, android icon

More hand-drawn icons

Jolly Icons Free

Get a taste of Jolly Icons with this free set of 36 hand-drawn vector icons. The icons are available as AI, EPS, PSD, PDF, and PNG (in 4 sizes: 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128) and released under the Creative Commons Attribution license.