Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I find the full list of icons in a set?
Browse to the description of the set you are interested in and look for the button “View full list of icons”. It toggles the full list of icons in the set. When you purchase an item, in the downloaded folder, you’ll see a full-list-of-icons.txt file. Simply open that up and you’re good to go!

Tip: Go to Edit > Find (or hit Command+F) in your web browser to search for the keyword you are looking for.
What’s the best way to keep up with the updates?
We’ll post to twitter all the updates, freebies, and release announcements. For closer relationship and loving Christmas, e-cards subscribe to our newsletter.
Can I have the font that you are using for Jolly Icons and Jolly Bundle logos?
The logos are not made with a font, it’s a custom lettering work made by Olly, our illustrator, and designer of hand-drawn icons.

To make a lettering logo, the designer doesn’t draw the entire alphabet in a selected style and then position the letters to spell out the word. The word is created as a single unique image, same as illustration. However, the principles of typography are also applied for lettering, such as developing single-weight lines for balanced typographical contrast.
How do you process the payments? Is this secure?
To provide payment security we use two major payment processor services – Gumroad (for credit card processing). They instantly connect our products and payment processors (like PayPal), providing automated delivery of icon sets immediately after payment, without us having to worry about delivery, security or possible downtime. You choose which method is convenient for you and pop over the checkout page according to the payment method you’ve chosen. You’ll get the download link and the e-mail with the same link to the download. There won’t be any additional charges. You’ll pay exactly the amount set for the icon set or bundle.
What formats are provided with a download?
Each set of icons comes within 4 formats: AI, EPS, PSD, PDF. This allows you to change the size and color of any icon adapting it to the layout of your site, app, or graphic. You can also easily convert it to a raster format, such as GIF, PNG, or JPG to use in your project.
What size are the icons?
With a download, you get 4 sizes 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128. However, as all the icons are in a vector format, you can scale them up and down preserving the shape with no quality loss.
Can I use your free sets icons for commercial projects? How are they licensed?
All the free sets of icons are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. This means that you are allowed to copy, distribute and transmit them, adapt for your projects, and make commercial use of the work under the condition that you attribute them.
How do I attribute free icons released under the Creative Common Attribution license?
You must mention that you are using Hand-Drawn Goods ( or Busy Icons Free ( in your credits, within a readme file or equivalent documentation for the software which includes the set or a subset of the icons contained within.

“Hand-Drawn Goods” can be changed to a name of a specific set, such as Jolly Icons Free. If you are using icons on a personal non-commercial website that doesn’t provide any section for credits or attribution, mentioning us within humans.txt is enough.
I’m purchasing icons for the company. Can you send me some kind of receipt?
Yes, just send us an e-mail to and tell us what you need.
Will I be able to change the color of the icons?
Yes, you can. Use any color you like!
How do I generate a custom font using SVG files from icon font sets (like Jolly Icons Font)?
We recommend using one of these font generator apps:
Each of them provides simple interface and step-by-step guides and tips for generating custom fonts.